Human in the Loop Service

  • Full-Service Appointment Booking: Our dedicated team will manage and book all your appointments, ensuring a smooth and efficient scheduling process.

  • AI Optimization Experts: We don't just schedule; we optimize your AI systems for peak performance, tailoring them to your specific business needs

  • Scalable Solutions: This service comfortably handles up to 500 leads per month. For higher lead volumes, please consult with Rob for an adjusted plan and pricing

  • Part-Time to Full-Time Transition: Begin with part-time help for new campaigns, then scale to a full-time rep at $7/hour as your campaign expands.

  • Professional and Trained Team: All HIL employees operate from our premises for professionalism, receive extensive training, and are supervised by managers who deliver weekly KPI updates.

AI Augmented Membership

Cross-Platform Omni Channel Outreach Services:

  • Extensive outreach and follow-up on platforms like WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Voice, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Features include situational awareness and structured follow-up for effective communication.

IT Support and Maintenance:

  • Helpdesk Installation into agency subaccount dashboard.

  • Helpdesk.

  • Dedicated IT support through Discord.

  • Done-For-You (DFY) conversational maintenance to ensure seamless interaction.

Weekly Strategy Calls:

  • Weekly meetings with IT and one of our US sales specialists to optimize campaign copy.

Custom Integration and Automation:

  • Access to our private, no-code integration platform with 101 actions.

  • Enables seamless connection of our CRM to various applications, enhancing operational efficiency.

Kixie Dialer Integration

Enhanced Performance and Productivity:

  • Boosts answer rate to ~60% (shown in a YouTube video).

  • Enhances agent productivity by up to 10x.

Local vs. National Leads:

  • Local Leads: Standard GoHighlevel VOIP (Voice Over IP) line may suffice, yielding a 5-10% answer rate.

  • National Leads: Answer rates typically drop to 1-5% without matching the local number of the target.

Key Features of Kixie Dialer:

  • Area Code Matching: Matches target's local code, possibly boosting answer rate to ~10%.

  • Dynamic Number Alteration: Alters caller ID to minimize detection, allowing more calls without annoying leads.

  • Rob's Experience: Inspired by Rob's credit industry hurdles, focusing on non-local leads.

Advanced Capabilities:

  • 10 Line Dialer: Calls 10 people at once, matches area codes.

  • AI Spam Detection: Automatically filters spam, no manual work or extra minute costs.

  • Direct Routing: Returns calls from any of the 10 numbers straight to you.

Enhanced Litigator Scrub Service:

A String of concatenated phone status

  • Phone Type: Landline, Mobile, VoIP.

  • Status: TCPA, TCPA troll, NRA , DNC Complainers, Federal DNC, State DNC.

$97 Per month and two cents per record over 10k records.

  • Base Service: Priced at $97 per month, providing an affordable solution for diverse marketing campaign needs.

  • Overage Charges: Only two cents per record for usage beyond 10,000 records monthly, ensuring cost-effectiveness for both small and large-scale campaigns.

Offers advanced recognition capabilities.

Our enhanced Litigator Scrub shields your marketing campaigns using comprehensive API filters, designed to identify potential litigators and ensure compliance. With advanced recognition capabilities, our service checks against multiple criteria including TCPA litigants, DNC complainers, and state-specific DNC lists, ensuring robust protection. We provide granular data such as case titles, phone types, and litigator status, enabling you to fine-tune your outreach. By integrating our solution, you ensure the lowest risk for your AI and SMS campaigns, maintaining the highest standards of due diligence.

Streamlined Web and Funnel Creation

  • Complete Website and Funnel Buildout: Get a fully done-for-you (DFY) website and funnel creation service, expertly crafted to meet your specific business needs.

  • Specialized in GHL Platform: Our team specializes in using GoHighLevel (GHL), a renowned platform for creating high-converting websites and sales funnels.

  • Effortless Online Presence: We take care of everything from design to deployment, ensuring a seamless and effective online presence for your brand.

  • Tailored to Your Goals: Whether you're looking to increase conversions, enhance user experience, or streamline your sales process, our custom-built solutions are designed to achieve your objectives.

Ads Management

Custom Graphics:

  • Custom graphics creation, branded for your business.

  • Resale Option: Enables client reselling.

  • Total Campaign Management: Comprehensive, Done-For-You (DFY) service for your advertising efforts.

Enhanced Ads Management:

  • AI-Driven Ad Creation and Targeting: Use Massmarket AI for quick, precise ad creation. Includes an AI copywriter and audience targeting tools.

  • Multi-Platform Ad Deployment: Launch ads effortlessly across major platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, optimizing reach and client impact.

Advanced Marketing Tools and Data:

  • Access Trigger Data: Searchable via CSV or AI Marketing Specialist (needs GPT Plus).

  • Targeted Ads: Uses visitor device traits for Facebook/other platform ads.

  • Cold Email: Offers cold email outreach to potential customers.

  • High Accuracy: 98% success in identifying correct targets.

Additional Support and Resources:

  • Initial Training Support: Provision of a contact list from our system to train your ads manager for the first month.

  • Further Data Access: Option to acquire more data as needed for enhanced targeting and campaign effectiveness.

Maximize SEO with Extensive Platform Listing and Targeted Web Content/Pages/Blogs

  • Extensive Reach on 200+ Platforms: Ensure your business is prominently listed across 200+ platforms, maximizing visibility where potential customers are searching for services like yours.

  • Yext-Powered Consistency: Powered by Yext, a leader in digital location management, this service guarantees uniformity in your business's name, address, and phone number (NAP) across all listings.

  • Enhanced Google Ranking: Improve your Google search ranking by maintaining consistent NAP information, a key factor in local SEO performance.

  • Automatic Updates: Enjoy the convenience of automatic updates across all platforms, ensuring your business information is always current and accurate.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Our service is offered at half the price of going directly through Yext, making it an exceptionally affordable option for boosting your local online presence.

Custom IT Solutions/Dev for Your Unique Needs

  • Dedicated IT Hours for Custom Projects: Utilize our expert

    IT services, perfect for personalized projects and custom automations tailored to your business requirements.

  • Broad Expertise: Expert in web development, AI, and sales/marketing automation, our team tackles custom projects. We leverage GHL and low-code for efficient data automation and web app integration.

  • Fair, Clear Pricing and Tracking: Why pay 10k for a course? We can set up AI booking in 5 hours, offering screenshot and app/website reports for billed hours.

  • Collaborative Planning and Execution: Attend our weekly call with Rob and IT to define your project requirements. This teamwork ensures a plan customized to your vision.

  • Post-Meeting IT Quotation: Following the consultation, our IT team will provide a detailed quote and refine the plan to ensure precision and satisfaction.

Exclusive In-Person Launch Experience: A Weekend with Rob

  • Hands-On Guidance: Experience an intensive, hands-on launch session from Friday to Sunday with Rob, a leading expert in AI and digital strategy.

  • In-Person Interaction: Benefit from the unique opportunity of direct, in-person interaction, allowing for deeper learning, personalized advice, and real-time problem-solving.

  • Comprehensive Launch Strategy: Dive into creating or refining your launch strategy, with Rob's expertise guiding you through every step of the process.

  • All-Inclusive Experience: This fee covers all necessary travel and accommodation expenses, ensuring a hassle-free and immersive learning experience.

  • ailored to Your Needs: Whether launching a new product, service, or revamping your digital presence, this package is customized to align with your specific goals and objectives.

Revolutionizing Your Marketing with AI Avatar Reels and Ads

  • High-Volume Output: Receive up to 20 top-quality AI avatar reels or ads each month, providing a steady stream of engaging content for your marketing campaigns.

  • Fully Done-For-You Service: Our team handles everything from concept to creation, using advanced AI technology to craft compelling reels and ads that resonate with your audience.

  • Tailored for Impact: Each reel and ad is carefully designed to align with your brand's messaging and goals, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing Solution: At a competitive price point, this service offers an affordable way to consistently populate your digital platforms with high-quality, innovative content.

  • Diverse Application: Ideal for social media, websites, and digital advertising campaigns, these AI-generated visuals are versatile and adaptable to various online platforms.

Plans For Businesses

Of All Sizes

Core Features

  • Mobile App

  • Website/Funnel Builder & 1000+ Templates

  • Unified Inbox

  • Your Own Client Portal w/ Community & Courses

  • Affiliate Management

  • GHL Sub Account CRM if Needed

  • Unlimited Calendars

  • Create Smart Automation Campaigns (Email Text, Voicemails)

  • Unlimited Users

  • Support Discord

  • 100+ Article Support Library

  • Push Notifications via Email, Text, Phone, Desktop & Mobile App


  • 1 Hour DFY IT support per month from our expert team of Web Developers, Prompt Engineers, web designers, and GHL automation experts.

  • Agency Access to our Zap, Massmarket HL with 101+ actions to automate with AI across 20k apps expanding custom AI SaaS development

  • Our basic snapshot with lead nurture, missed appointment, appointment reminder, and follow up workflows and more.

  • for one subacount on September release

SILVER $297/Month

  • Everything in Bronze plus...

  • 3 Hours DFY IT Support Monthly

  • AI Ads Launcher to create and run ads on Google PPC, Google Display, TikTok, IG, FB, WhatsApp and more.

  • for entire Agency on September release


  • Everything in Silver plus....

  • 5 Hour DFY IT Support Monthly

  • Endless Omni-Channel AI Followup for Missed Call/Text, Appt Setting, No-Show

  • 1v1 Weekly Coaching

  • Database Reactivation

  • AI Snapshot with ~100 workflows set up for you


  • Everything in Gold plus...

  • 10 Hours of DFY IT Support Monthly

  • Agency Project Management Dashboard for controlled delegation to our team

  • Sub-Account Helpdesk installation for client support request submission

  • SOP development for client onboarding

  • $500 one-time setup fee in addition to monthly service to set up GHL Sub-Acount DWY w/ AI Appt Setting over Voice, SMS, WhatsAPP, FB, IG, and Email

  • $1500 one-time fee in addition to monthly service to set GHL Agency DWY w/ AI Appt Setting over Voice, SMS, WhatsAPP, FB, IG, and Email

  • Currently you will need two additional recurring softwares, Zappy Chat and Zapier, to make this work but you will also get a hack to make zapier $30 per month. All other needed services just charge usage (Twilio, Simple Talk, Air). Upon release of sept 24 you will no longer need Zappy Chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Support Do You Provide?

Support is at the heart of everything we do so supporting you and your business is our top priority. We offer 24/7 email support as well as an easy-to-navigate comprehensive tutorial library for quick answers to your questions.

How Secure Us My Customer Data?

In 2021, data privacy and security is every company's obligation. Our platform has optional HIPPA Compliance as an upgrade, and our HIL service centers have ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications for data privacy.

Can I Cancel My Account At Any Time?

You can cancel at any time. No need to worry about obligations or contracts.

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up for a Demo and see how easy our services make business management. We hope you'll join us once you see how can boost your business.

How Does Your Automation Work?

We provide comprehensive automation that will execute and automate workflows across your high-value business processes. Our smart campaigns will put SMS, Email, Web Chat, Phone Calls, and Calendar Appointments on autopilot.

What Platforms Do You Integrate With?

Our integration spans across multiple platforms for simple and seamless automation. We use Zapier to automate between over 2000 other applications with ease.

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